WDM connect people!

Through the intelligent application of state-of-the-art technology we put people from around the country, around the world and around the corner, in touch with each other. We create networks to enable social and commercial interaction betwen groups of people and individuals, for business, for education, for entertainment and for pleasure. WDM design and integrate technology platforms to deliver interactive, real time, person to person communication using any combination of social and personal media platforms including:


  • Video calling to your PC, mobile or tablet
  • Phone - mobile & landline
  • SMS & MMS text messaging
  • SM gateways including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Skype
Interaction between users can either be free or charged at the point of contact using premium rate, SMS, pay4it, credit card or mobile credit billing. WDM can provide a hosted platform to extend payment and messaging capabilities through an integrated mobile transaction hub.


myHUB is designed to enable independent operators to offer new and innovative services in order to facilitate more effective, efficient and profitable contacts. The key to your success is availability. myHUB will allow individuals the opportunity to develop complementary revenue streams using mobile based, micro billing mechanisms to charge clients for therapeutic and entertainment services at every point of contact. Operators can choose their preferred price points and get access to real time statistics giving details of earnings. WDM can provide individual operators with a sophisticated personal communications hub comprising an integrated billing interface that can be applied to all your telephone and internet communication, including:

  • UK Non Geographic Numbers
  • Premium Rate Numbers
  • SMS Billing
  • IVR Billing
  • Webcam Billing
  • Callback Billing
  • Mobile Crediting
  • Premium Rate Voice Mailbox
  • Credit Card Billing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is now an integral part of every advertising campaign strategy, big or small. And it can be quick, simple and cheap to implement. You can create a dynamic database profile of your customers and promote goods and services efficiently, cost effectively and instantaneously. Whether you are a multinational brand or an independent operator, you need mobile marketing to promote and maintain brand awareness among your customers. WDM can offer excellent SMS broadcasting facilities together with database development and analysis for the effective management of mobile marketing campaigns. We can also offer the most competitive SMS broadcasting rates in the UK for bulk SMS messaging. In addition WDM can supply a wide range of premium rate based mobile telephony entertainment products and mobile content including horoscopes, competitions, quizzes, voting lines and games.

Delivering Digital Content

Technology is fast moving towards convergence. Whether your content is live or recorded, video or audio it can be delivered to almost any destination and played out on almost any device including computer, laptop, ipad, TV and mobile phone. Digital content delivery is cheap, extremely cost efficient and carbon neutral it also offers flexibility, interactivity and immediacy. Among the most popular applications utilising this convergent technology are the following:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Calling
  • Video Counselling
  • Webinars
  • Skype Chat
  • Teaching
  • Teleseminars
  • Telehealth
  • Product Marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Advice lines

SMS Broadcasting

SMS broadcast is a cheap, effective and accurately targeted marketing technique that can be utilised to generate immediate and positive response from your promotional database. Use SMS broadcasting for: Generating instant response to an offer • Interactive marketing of services • Offer sales & marketing information • Generate interest in a promotion or event • Request a call-back • Enter Competitions • Encourage & Facilitate Voting • Customer Text Alerts • Delivering Appointment Reminders • Send a Barcode or Discount Voucher • Make a mobile SMS donation to charity • Register a vote or take part in a survey • Deliver a link to a mobile website.

Media Partners

Do you have spare media capacity that you would like to turn into a brand new revenue stream. WDM can offer a fully developed and managed PRS revenue stream to boost your income and complement your media platform. We can package and provide the appropriate products or services along with providing a marketing strategy and top quality advertising and promotion. Full online reporting is available and the service can be considered on a revenue share basis. Do you have spare capacity in any any of the following media and want to develop supplementary streams of non-competitive revenue? TV Channel • TV Programme • IPTV Station • Radio Station • Newspaper • Magazine • emag • Website • Database • Advice lines.

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